Mark Sims – Owner of SS Outdoor

Mark is a talented man who loves creating and building spaces.  His precision and artistic abilities shine through with every project.  If it was up to Mark, projects would be agreed upon with a simple handshake and an understanding that his primary goal is to provide a level of quality that not only makes him proud, but gets the customer excited.  Customers can feel confident in the level of integrity and detail that Mark provides.  

History of SS Outdoor by Mark Sims

Mark has been working in the construction industry since 1976 where he has mastered the art of being a detailed craftsman.  In 2004 Mark started SS Outdoor to have more control over the design and quality of projects he worked on. 

Mark has a great working relationship with a multitude of architects in the Memphis area.  He maintains a small crew in order to be personally involved in every project.  Mark's dedication to quality requires him to hand select every piece of lumber used on a project. 

Choose SS Outdoor for your next project and you'll see first hand the pride and dedication to quality that Mark brings to every project he works on.  It is an investment worth making.

Mark Sims

Mark Sims